Spice of Bruerne Special

Majhan Masala Chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a spicy tomato and onion sauce 8.95
Aash Aur Komla Duck cooked with fresh orange in a medium spice 11.95
Nalli Ghosht Lamb shank cooked in a marathi style, flavoured with peanut, red chillies, garlic and lime 11.95
Chicken Silsila - Mild Chicken marinated in spices then cooked in a special silsila sauce 8.95
Chicken or Lamb Peri Peri - Medium Tender lamb or spring chicken or cubes spiced with garlic, light soya and a peri peri sauce with dry red chillies, capsicum, onions, tomatoes and green chillies 8.95
Chicken Rezzala - Fairly hot Grilled chicken off the bone with minced meat, capsicum, onions, tomatoes and green chillies 8.95
Aash Bhaja Duck cooked with fried onions, capsicum, baby corn and beans 11.95
Sizzling Murg Spring chicken breast lightly spiced and grilled. Served with stir fried mixed peppers, shallots, baby corn and French beans 8.95
Kata Massala Fresh ginger cooked with chicken or lamb in our chef's special sauce 8.95
Garlic Chicken or Meat Cooked with fresh garlic and stir fried with green peppers, spring onions and seasoned with herbs 8.95
Chicken or Lamb Moglai Served in a thick medium sauce with egg 8.95
Chicken or Lamb Naga Hot pepper from Bangladesh, cooked with spring onions, garlic and herbs in a fairly hot sauce 8.95
Chicken or Lamb Shatkora A traditional Bangladeshi citrus fruit cooked in a medium bhuna style sauce 8.95
Amiri Massala (NEW) Spring chicken, on the bone, cooked with spicy lamb mince, touch of green chillies and Darjeeling Spices, finished in a yoghurt and tamarind sauce 9.95
Chicken or Lamb Amchor (NEW) Tangy medium chicken breast or tender lamb, cooked with spicy mixed pickle and herbs with thick sauce 8.95
Murogh Khandani (NEW) Off the bone marinated chicken, grilled in the tandoor and mixed with minced lamb. Served in a hot thick sauce with green chillies, tomatoes, diced onions, capsicum and special herbs and spices. 9.95
Bangladeshi Pancho Khana (NEW) Chicken or lamb cooked with tandoori mushroom, fresh ginger, chopped onion, coriander, green chillies and thick sauce 11.95

Special Seafood & Fish Dishes

Vijays Seafood Special (NEW) Mixed seafood cooked with special spice and herbs with chat massala semi-dry medium hot served with lemon and garlic rice 14.95
Crab Curry Crab cooked in the shell with ginger, curry leaves, garlic and coconut milk 12.95
Roast Koonthal Squid with curry leaves, green chillies, ginger and slightly spiced 12.95
Zinuk Kuchi (NEW) Mussels off the shell, cooked with curry leaves, garlic, chopped onion, peppers, blend of herbs, medium spice, semi-dry sauce 12.95
Kakra Zinuk (NEW) Mussels & crab meat cooked with spring onion, garlic, ginger & coconut cream, mustard flavoured semi-dry sauce, medium spice 12.95
Lobster Macher Malai Curry - Medium Lobster curry cooked with coconut 24.95
Chingri Zinga King prawns with the shells, flavoured with pepper, tomatoes, lemon juice, honey, herbs and spices in a medium sauce 12.95
Zinga Hari Shobjee (NEW) King prawn, broccoli, green chilli, peppers, onion, garlic, coriander, chefs special medium spiced sauce 13.95
Roshuni Zinga (NEW) Off the shell king prawn, lots of garlic with fairly hot chef special sauce 13.95
Numbuwali Machi Salmon fillets marinated in lime and tandoori spices. Cooked in the clay oven 12.95
Salmon Aspara Salmon fillets cooked with asparagus in a garlic flavoured sauce 12.95
Salmon Imblee Roshun (NEW) Salmon fillets cooked with garlic and tamarind flavoured sauce 13.95
Garlic Fish Pangash fish fillets cooked with fresh garlic and stir fried with green peppers, spring onions and seasoned with herbs 11.95
Shahi Machi Biran Large fish fillets, shallow fried with shredded onion, peppers, green chilli, garlic, coriander & mustard seed. Medium spice semi-dry 12.95
Rub Chanda Shallow fried pomfret. A tropical West Bengali fish with onion and pepper cooked with medium bhuna sauce 12.95
Machi and Aamm Curry Fish fillets cooked in medium spices with ripened mangos and coconut 11.95

Balti Special

These dishes are cooked with special balti sauce. Served with nan (medium hot)

Chicken or Meat Balti 8.25
Chicken or Meat Tikka Balti 9.25
Garlic Chicken or Meat Balti 9.95
Prawn Balti 9.25
King Prawn Balti 11.50
Spice of Bruerne Special Mix Balti 11.95
Vegetable Balti 7.85
Deshi Balti (shredded chicken or lamb tikka, mushrooms and chick peas) 11.95